We know how to deliver

your product to Market

A long time ago, in 1995, we were a startup in Christchurch on our own. And we failed, which gave us a priceless experience.


Afterwards, when we got established as Megaweb, we already had real experience on how to manage processes and plan a budget.

We know everything about a startup product's life cycle, financing, etc. In more than 100 successful launched startups, we've developed packages that cover most startup tasks.


If you have a unique task, we'll estimate it for free and provide a custom package.

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Your brand is everything in your company rolled into one thing called a brand. Your brand is everything. Your brand should be well defined. Your brand should be clear and distinguishable. Your brand should show your value. Your brand should show your identity. Your brand is your company.


The Megaweb Digital strategy simply walks you through all that is important to your company. Our brand consultant works with you to evaluate your core message. Then we innovate your current brand to captivate your target market.

Megaweb was founded first in graphic design & brand design. This is what Megaweb Digital does best, we captivate your market with an innovative brand strategy and design. Then we we continue to refine as your company evolves to continue captivating your audience and technology grows.

We are experts in logo design if you are looking to find a logo designer. A great brand needs a great logo and we can create the perfect logo for your business. Our 20+ years of graphic design experience gives your company a wealth of professional experience in logo design, logo innovation and logo creation.

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As marketers ourselves, we know what it’s like to have a giant to-do list but not enough time or people on the team to help execute. Blog posts, graphic design assets, social media updates, sales collateral… it’s all crucial, but it can add up really quickly.

Working with Megaweb Digital, your marketing team will immediately have a number of new additions to help you create the content your company needs to succeed. We’re here to support your content marketing strategy by assisting you with both strategy and content fulfillment.

And as your new partners, we guarantee that we’ll approach every project with the creativity, passion and knowledge needed to make your content effective. 

Whether your goal is to grow your digital audience, engage prospects, nurture leads or display your thought leadership, Megaweb Digital is your partner for long-term content marketing success. 





We captivate with innovative web design & development. We are web designers. We are web developers. Realizing the valuable, distinguishable brand that exists within every client then captivating their market.

We follow rigorous testing standards to ensure your company website is developed correctly the first time with ideal user experience.


We use scalable stacking techniques that ensure scalable future website development & enhancements can be added easily.


Our Web Development Program is a four step process repeated until your site is cleared to launch. It is critical to have your website developed correctly the first time because the user experience requires simple, flawless development.

Website Design




Megaweb Digital will create your site so it can be vied seamlessly on multiple devices without distortion thanks to Flexbox technology and Fluid and relative sizing.

Responsive Web Design is a way for websites to be viewable on any screen or device. A Responsive Web Design will detect the user’s screen size and automatically adjust to meet the needs of the device. Responsive Design provides a great user experience on phones and tablets because it responds to those screen sizes.

Responsive Web Design is a vital component of a great User Experience (UX) or User Interface (UI).


The user experience is becoming one of the top areas of focus in the web development world because of the increase in multi-device website browsing that exists.

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Search Engine Optimization, website SEO, is the process of clearly defining your message with keywords and then driving non-paid traffic to your website.


If you type in what your company does, and your website does not show up, your site needs help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is a highly refined skill. Make no mistakes, any company that guarantees first-page exposure for SEO is likely disingenuine. Google search bots are continually changing, and the algorithms are not published.


However, there are many things you can do to your site to increase the odds of driving organic traffic to your site.


There are roughly 45 action items for each web page that can boost SEO presence.